This case study was a real life event that contains some graphic images and information. Viewer discretion is advised.


On September 14th, 1922 in Franklin Township, one of the biggest and unsolved murder cases would begin. The information of this murder case would spread widely across the country and the media was frantic with the case. Two individuals in a love affair, an episcopal priest named Edward Wheeler Hall and a member of the choir named Eleanor Reinhardt Mills, were found murdered at a place known as “Lovers Lane”. The suspicious positions of the bodies, the lacerations, and the evidence left at the crime scene would indicate to officials the offense of murder. However, officials even with all of this evidence did not have a main suspect and only had leads to certain individuals. The suspect list consisted of the priest’s wife, the wife’s brothers and cousin, and a woman that was simply known as the “Pig Lady”. Officials eventually decided to try to prosecute the priest’s wife and her brothers in court. They would be found “Not Guilty” due to the lack of compelling evidence. To this day, no one has ever been prosecuted for the murders. 


The Hall Mill’s murder case has now been assigned to you! You get to decide who you think, committed the famous unsolved crime! Use the information and evidence provided to deduct who the culprit is. Make sure to search through all the information before making any final decisions. Also, keep an eye out for any important graphics that are related to the case. They may lead you to additional information for your research. Once you’ve analyzed all the evidence and information, it’s time for you to vote on who committed the crime!